An Internet of Things approach to sensing road surface temperatures

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Sense where you've never sensed before.

Reliable road temperature measurements are paramount to Winter Road Maintenance operations. However, sensing an entire road network with traditional technologies isn't always affordable or practical. Wintersense takes a different approach...

Fast to Install

Mounted in under 5 minutes.


An order of magnitude cheaper than traditional solutions.


Uses infrared technology.

The power of more.

The ability to quickly and affordably deploy a single Wintersense sensor, or hundreds of them, virtually anywhere opens the door to a variety of use cases:

  • Ground truth for verifying route based forecasts.
  • Assimilate into a short-range, site specific forecast model (nowcasting).
  • Saturate a whole road network with sensors, enabling selective salting.
  • Deploy to suspected cold spots, e.g. bridge decks, frost hollows, or accident black spots.
  • Inform real-time decision making.
  • Install at novel locations, not previously worthy of a full traditional outstation, e.g. car parks.

If you're interested in deploying Wintersense sensors in your region then please don't hesitate to

University of Birmingham Marque

Wintersense has been developed by meteorologists at the University of Birmingham. A department with a long history of research into winter road sensing and forecasting. We believe that the latest 21st century technology offers new opportunities to turn the way we perform Winter Road Maintenance on its head!

University of Birmingham Marque

Campbell Scientific, a leading global environmental measurement solutions provider has secured the global licensing rights for the Wintersense technology and are responsible for further developing, commercialising and deploying the technology globally.

Intelligent Infrastructure Hub 2017 Winner
Wintersense sensor