An Internet of Things approach to sensing road surface temperatures

What we do

Wintersense provides the hardware and software required to deploy a dense network of road surface temperature sensors, empowering managers with up-to-date data to make the tough decisions regarding winter road maintenance.


See observations just moments after they are sensed.


Remotely sense road surface temperature with contactless infrared technology.


Wireless communication (Wi-Fi or LPWANs) and battery power allows for rapid deployment without a cable in sight.

The low-cost nature of our sensors allow for more sensors to be deployed, thus increasing the spatial resolution of your observations - ideal for initialising and verifying route-based forecasts.

Who we are

Wintersense has been developed by meteorologists at the University of Birmingham. A department with a long history of research into winter road sensing and forecasting. The team is keen to see dense networks of wireless road surface temperature sensors contributing to the ever growing Internet of Things.

University of Birmingham Marque

Intelligent Infrastructure Hub 2017 Winner

Wintersense sensor