The Platform

The Wintersense Platform comprises two key components:

  1. The back-end services responsible for data processing.
  2. The front-end Web Application for data visualisation and Network management.

They work together to turn sensor data into reliable, actionable information.

Inform decisions with real-time data

To see savings and improve saftey the data collected must inform and modify winter road maintanence operations.

The Wintersense platform does this in several ways:

  • Sensor data is clearly presented on the Web Application using visualisations such as maps and line charts, providing insights into the current (or historical) state of your road network.
  • Visualisations update in real-time as soon as more data is received.
  • Wintersense recognises that every organisation has its own decision procedures and existing software systems. The Wintersense API makes it easy to pull Wintersense data into your own systems.
  • The platform can even push data straight to you as soon as it arrives.

It's your data; you're free to use it how you like.

Wintersense sensor

Manage as much or as little as you wish

The Wintersense team are on hand to setup and manage your sensor network. However, you're also free to configure and adjust your networks as you wish via the Web Application.

Here's what you can do:

  • Add new Sensors to your Network, or remove existing ones.
  • Create, update or delete the list of Sites.
  • Sensors are the physical devices, whereas Sites are the places they are deployed. You're free to move Sensors between Sites to suit your operational needs.
Wintersense sensor

Share with others

You'll soon find that other colleagues, clients and collaborators are interested in your network's data. It's easy to grant them access.

Here's how:

  • Send email invitations inviting others to your Network.
  • You have control over the level of access granted to each User, from view-only through to full admin rights.
  • You can even share individual Sites, for example if part of your network overlaps with another.
  • Export Wintersense data in csv format for offline analysis.
Wintersense sensor

Data you can trust

As with any sensor network, quality control is a vital component to build confidence in the data.

The Wintersense platform does this as follows:

  • Before sensor data is saved, forwarded, or visualised, it is passed through a variety of quality control checks.
  • Suspect data is flagged allowing users to easily filter it out. For example, data outside of sensible climatic bounds would be flagged.
  • Whenever data is flagged, or a Site becomes in active, an alert is generated so action can be taken quickly to rectify the issue.
Wintersense sensor